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Orbiter III Pipe Painting System

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An innovative and highly efficient solution to the difficult job 0f applying paint to the inside of pipe or tubing. Designed to produce a uniformed layer of paint at remarkable speed and is easy to operate and maintain. Typically coating rates of 10 lineal feet per minute (3m/min) are obtained for most type of paint. In general, these tools can use any coating that can be sprayed by an airless pump.

In operation, a rotating head, powered by an air motor, throws paint by centrifugal force at an evenly metered flow against the surface. The ORBITER tool is manually pulled through pipe at a pre-determined speed based on paint film thickness and type of coating.

The two ORBITER models cover internal diameter sizes from 4" to 38" (90mm/950mm). ORBITER I handles 4" to 7" (90mm/180mm). ORBITER III designed for 7" to 38" (180mm/950mm).

Control Gun Assembly consists of adjustment lever and pressure regulator for centering carriage. start and stop knob for air motor and paint spray gun adaptor. Specially designed paint spray gun mounts on Control Gun Assembly. Centering carriages expand and collapse by use of an air cylinder. Adjustment of leg expansion is also possible during operation to compensate for bends or protrusions in pipe.
Uniquely designed air control hose is furnished for the ORBITER. It is actually three hoses in one serving several purposes. Inside the larger outer nylon hose are two smaller nylon hoses. One small hose supplies air direct to the air motor. The other small hose connects to the centering carriage air cylinder. Outer hose carries exhausted air from the carriage when it is collapsed. Exhausted air escapes through a sintered bronze filter on the Control Gun Assembly.
Tungsten Carbide spray tip is installed in the ORBITER paint hose connection. Standard size furnished with the tool is .026 on ORBITER I and .036 on ORBITER III. Other size tips ranging from .018 to .043 are available to accommodate various coatings. Coating manufacturer or supplier should be consulted on proper spray tip size.

Any standard airless paint spray pump may be used with the ORBITER tools. Size of airless pump depends on paint viscosity and hose length. As a minimum, however, the pump pressure ratio should be 30: 1 with a capacity of 1.0 U.S. gallons per minute (4 litres/min). Best performance may be obtained utilizing 44: 1 or 45: 1 ratio pumps with capacity in the 2.5 U.S. gallon per minute range.

Two models have been developed for pipe or tubing ranging from 4" to 38" (90mm to 950mm) inner diameters. Both models are designed similar in function however, ORBITER I is miniature in size to the ORBITER III. Only the rotating head has been engineered differently because of the small area in which it operates.
ORBITER I and ORBITER III are furnished with scissor-type expansion legs operated by an air cylinder and regulated by the Control Gun Assembly. Air valve and pressure regulator, mounted on Control Gun. open and close air cylinder to extend or retract centering legs. Pressure regulator allows adjustment to the amount of air passing through to the air cylinders.
Pressure may be reduced to slightly collapse carriage when going around pipe bends or if a ridge is interfering with the carriage travel. By returning the pressure to its higher reading the carriage will expand to its full extension.
ORBITER I is assembled with an integral set of centering legs that allow this tool to function within diameters of 4" to 7" (90mm to 180mm). ORBITER III is delivered with a full set of centering legs to reach the maximum 1.0. of 38" (950mm). At its lowest point, ORBITER III will work in 11"(260mm)diameter. To cover 7"to II" (l80mm to 260mm) diameters, simply unbolt the outer leg sections and attach wheels to inner leg sections.
Compressed air supply is connected to the back of the Control Gun Assembly. Air requirement is only 15 CFM (400 litres/min) on Model l and 22 CFM (600 litres/min) on Model Ill. Air pressure requirement on all units is 75 to 85 psig (5 to 6 bar).
Control Gun Assembly is the very heart of the entire system. Assembly consists of start and stop knob for rotating head air motor, air valve and pressure regulator for operation of the centering legs air cylinder, attachment for airless paint spray gun, and connection points for air supply and air control hoses. Specially designed airless paint spray gun has been developed to work with the ORBITER tools. Spray gun, which is supplied with a customized paint hose fitting, is utilized as the on-off mechanism for paint flow to ORBITER tools. Spray gun constructed for a maximum of 4500 pounds of paint pressure (300 bar).
ORBITER III incorporates a double disc feature that is designed to cover larger diameters. Paint flows into the rotatinghead cavity where it is metered onto the spinning discs that are traveling at 10,000 RPM. Centrifugal force propels paint to the surface in equal and uniform amounts. High speed and accurately measured quantities make pipe coating a simple, fast and cost effective job.
Highest rate of speed and most accurate coating will be performed by having one man operate the Control Gun Assembly while another man pulls the ORBITER tool through the pipe. Paint application is remarkably fast, therefore, responsibility of the ORBITER's travel will require one man's complete attention
Altogether the air control hose is used to pull the ORBITER through pipe and tubing. It is ruggedly constructed to withstand normal operation of the tool while offering excellent protection for the smaller air feed hoses. Available in 10 feet, 16 feet and 32 feet (3m, 5m and 10m) lengths which may be coupled in any number of sizes for the job. Precision couplings on both ends ensure positive seal against air leaks and intrusion of dust and dirt into the tool.
The working end of the ORBITER is the rotating head. Paint flowing through the spray tip and paint tube is metered into the rotating head. In ORBITER I, the slotted head, which is turning at 20,000 RPM by its air motor, slings the paint onto the surface. In smaller diameters, the slotted head design provides a large spray pattern with an even thickness of the coating.



Inside Diameter Range................4" to 7" (90mm to 180mm)

Air Consumption.........................15 CFM (400 litres/min)

Operating Speed (Under Load).. 20,000 RPM

(Air Motor Rated At 25,000 RPM)

Spray Tip.................................... .026


Inside Diameter Range................7" to 38" (l80mm to 950mm)

Air Consumption........................ 22CFM

Operating Speed (Under Load). 10,000 RPM

(Air Motor Rated At 15,000)

Spray Tip................................... .036
Systems Include Paint Spray Tool With Centering Legs, Control Gun Assembly, Paint Spray Gun, Air Control Hose & High Pressure Paint Hose.  All Systems Include Wooden Carrying Case.  Standard Tip Is .026 On Orbiter I & .036 On Orbiter III.
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